acid rain

    Acid rain is created when SO2 and NOx , which are both emitted during the combustion cycle, react in the atmosphere to create sulfuric and nitric acid.  After these acids are formed they can return to the surface in rain, snow, as small particles, or in gaseous form.  The major cause of acid rain in the U.S. is coal-fueled power plants.  Scientist have proven that acid rain causes severe damage to aquatic and forest ecosystems.

Land Use and Environmental Change in the Thompson-Okanaga

    This page give one a good background about how acid rain is formed and its effects.  The page is a well written and organized page with links to its four sections. It will help you to get farmiliar with the scientific terms and abbreviations used when discussing acid rain.  It discusses the affects that acid rain has on the environment and people.  There are also some suggestions on what to do about acid rain.  There is specific data on how much and where the acid rain is coming from in Canada.  It points out seven U.S. states that are reasponsible for 50% of the acid rain that falls in Southeast Canada.  A recommend site for people who are not sure about the creation and effects of acid rain.

The EPA on Contineous Emissions Monitoring

      Do you still have questions about CEM's?  Well, all you questions can be answered here.  The boys who are responsible for implementing them are speaking about them.  This site has a factsheet that answers all the beginners questions on CEM's. The compliance reacords are also provided for anyone to evaluate for themselves.  This is a great source for all ones needs that have to deal with CEM's.

EPA's Acid Rain Homepage

    What is needed to be said about this page.  If you want ot know how the EPA is dealing with the problem on acid rain, then this site is your first stop.

Effects of Acid Rain on Aquatic Ecosystems

The title is pretty self explanatory.  There is not a whole lot of information on this page but it does have a nice chart of ph level and fish viability.  If you are a weekend scientist or want to have a fun experience with your kids and lithmus paper, you could print out the chart and take it to your local streams.  There you can test the ph of the water and find out how healthy it is.  The chart tells you what levels of ph are harmful to different acquatic inhabitants.

Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation

Yes, that is economy not ecology.  So what do they have to say.  As one would expect, they have research that shows that acid rain is not a problem.  Most of the effects of acidity are either naturally occuring or are also affected by other human activities.  They want to get the would out that acid rain is not as big an issue as it has been made out to be.  At least they are claiming that this information comes from a study carried out in conjunction with the EPA.  They also endorse the emmissions trading regime of Title IV because it is an economic solution rather than CAC.  It is worth seeing to get the opposition.

U.S.News Online
Acid Rain: Forgotten, not gone

    This is a report that says that the lakes are not getting better.  The cause is said to be that the lakes have lost their ability to counteract the acid.  The soils have compounds that help to neutralize slow fluctuations of acid, but they have been overloaded and exhausted.