Japanese War Crimes and the Attack on Pearl Harbor
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      This page was created for Professor John Setear's seminar, International Law Before and After the Cold War, at the University of Virginia School of Law.  It has two major substantive features.  The fist is an analytical research paper, Pearl Harbor and The Tokyo Trials, concerning the alleged illegality of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941.  Essentially, the paper argues that the attack was indeed illegal according to the then existing laws of war, as it would be today.  The second feature is a discussion/ evaluation of  a number of links to sites related to either the attack on Pearl Harbor or to Japanese War Crimes during World War II more generally.  This is an attempt to give interested web-searchers a bit more information about related links than the average List o' Links.

    The author of this page is Jeffrey D. Fox, a second-year student here at Virginia Law.  He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary from which he graduated summa cum laude, with a double major in History and Government.  Other students from Professor Setear's class have created similar sites discussing other aspects of international law, covering such topics as The U.S.and Neutrality Before World War II, U.S. Violations of International Law, The Law of the Sea and the Spratly Islands (in the South China Sea), and Self-Determination and the Baltic States.  These can be found on the website for this class, International Law Before and After the Cold War.