Diplomatic Note of November 26, 1941 from
Secretary of State Cordell Hull to the Japanese Government

1.  A multilateral nonaggression pact with Britain, China, the Netherlands, the Soviet Union, and Thailand as additional signatories.

2.  Respect for the territorial integrity of French Indo-China.

3.  Japan to withdraw entirely from China and Indo-China.

4.  United States and Japan to support the Nationalist Chinese Government (Chiang Kai-Shek).

5.  Elimination of extraterritorial rights in China stemming (particularly) from the Boxer Protocol of 1901.

6.  Mutually advantageous trade agreements between Japan and the United States.

7.  Mutual removal of freezing restrictions on Japanese funds in the United States and U.S. funds in Japan.

8.  Stabilization of the dollar-yen rate.

9.  Japan to abandon its agreement with the Axis powers.

10.  Japan and the United States to "use their influence to cause other governments to adhere to" the political and economic principles herein set forth.

* As printed in Edward L. Beach, Scapegoats: A Defense of Kimmel and Short at Pearl Harbor 32 (1995).

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