Timeline index
     Pre-1914 timeline
     1914 timeline
     Post-1914 timeline

   Introduction to my paper
     List of casualties
     Index of other international legal issues from the war (with Internet links for further study)
     Naval arms race
     Declarations of war
     Greek neutrality
     Law of the sea and the neutrality of the United States
     Laws of war
     Treaty of Versailles
     Other links generally to World War I (major personalities, maps and timelines)

   Section One:  The System of Alliances and the Outbreak of War
     The Divided Continent
     The Extensive Practical Importance of the Treaties
     Testing Compliance:  How the Major Players Exceeded Their Legal Obligations
     Testing Compliance:  Italy and Romania Remain Neutral, Then Breach Treaty Obligations
     The Impact of the Alliances on the Outbreak of War
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   Section Two:  The Obligations of Belgian Neutrality
     The German Claim of Necessity
     The Claim of Necessity Fails; Germany Tries Other Justifications
     The Alleged Military Alliance Between Belgium and Great Britain
     Great Britain's Interpretation of its Obligations as a Guarantor of the 1839 Treaty
     The British Pretext for Entry into War:  The "Scrap of Paper"
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   Conclusion:  The Status of International Law at the End of World War I
     Reasons Why States Did Not Always Comply With Their International Legal Obligations
     The Enduring Importance of International Law Despite the Violation of Its Norms