Minorities at Risk:  This site run by the University of Maryland is perhaps the best site out there for a general under standing of the scope of the problem faced by ethnic conflict.  It has a great link to a chart that shows virtually every ethnic minority, their percentage of the population, and the relations with other ethnic groups.  It has much more also.  It also has an extremely large list of links to all sorts of sites dealing with ethnic conflict.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE.  The links here are amazing.  If you have any interest in ethnic minorities and ethnic conflict, the links from this page will do your research for you.

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe:  This site is every bit the equal of the UMd for the person interested in conflicts in Europe.  This page has virtually everything in which the OSCE is involved. As it is involved in almost everything in Europe, the site is extremely helpful.  The link will put you on the OSCE homepage.  I personally find the field activities link to be the most helpful.  The documents page is also extremely useful.

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict (CCPDC):  This too is a very useful generalist site.  As the name shows, this site is concerned with all sorts of conflict, not just ethnic conflict.  As ethnic conflict is prevalent today, however, a substantial portion of the site deals with that.  There are quite a few nice articles on a variety of conflict issues.  The links this site has are perhaps its most valuable asset.  It should be very helpful for anyone looking for information on ethnic conflict.

The Carter Center:  This site for the Center founded by President Carter covers a wide range of humanitarian issues, of which ethnic conflict is just one.  While not as helpful as either the MAR, OSCE, or CCPDC, it is likely worth a look, especially if your interests are into a number of humanitarian areas.

European Center on Migration and Ethnic Relations:  This page has some nice information in its own right.  Of particular use, however, is the links to all sorts of sites that have anything to do with migration or ethnic relations.  The "Virtual Library" is very helpful here.  I recommend it highly.

Minority Rights Group:  This London-based organization promotes the rights of ethnic minorities the world over.  It produces its own research projects and has valuable link sites.  I found the "profiles" link to be the most helpful.  While not giving the entire books the organization has written on almost every minority, it does give you very helpful profiles of many different ethnic minorities.

UN High Commissioner For Refugees:  I would be remiss in compiling any kind of links page and did not include this page.  This site gets you into the UN structure.  As the High Commissioner is going to be involved in some to almost every ethnic trouble spot, this site is extremely helpful.

    The links listed here should provide successful starting points for most people interested in examining ethnic conflict and its effects regardless of which corner of the globe you are interested.  Use the information the sites themselves contain, but especially use the many many links they provide.  Eventually, you will find in-depth specific information on any ethnic situation you desire to research.

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