Harry Truman was one of my favorite presidents.  A no-nonsense, honest man, he often did what he thought was right despite the possibility of ruffling feathers.  When North Korea under Kim Il Sung invaded South Korea, military force was perfectly justified under Article 51 of the UN Charter as an act of collective defense for South Korea.  Collective defense is the inherent right to come to the land/skyclass/amrev.htm">

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For a host of unorthodox views, visit the "Campfire Chat" It just so happened that the USSR had absented itself from the Security Council at that time in protest against Taiwan╠s occupying the seat representing China.  Although absence may not amount to a veto, it certainly is not a concurrence.  Despite this, the U.S. held the vote and construed Soviet absence as such, thereby clearing the way for an ostensible UN military operation (it was really a U.S. effort from day 1).

An additional footnote to all this:  the U.S. Congress never declared this war.

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