The following links are quite varied.  On the climate change spectrum, they lean towards the idea that an anthropogenic influence is not occurring or is not a problem.


The National Center for Public Policy Research is a communications and research foundation dedicated to providing free market solutions to today's public policy problems. They believe that the principles of a free market, individual liberty and personal responsibility provide the greatest hope for meeting the challenges facing America in the 21st century.  Their environmental branch is designated the Environmental Policy Task Force.  The Environmental Policy Task Force page provides links to “help arm conservatives with tools for the environmental policy debate”, including the Earth Day Information Center and The Global Warming Information Center.  This site also contains an intriguing article characterizing the COP-4 meeting in Buenos Aries as an “an extraordinary act of hypocrisy” due to the amount of fossil fuels consumed to by the delegates in order to attend the conference.


The Greening Earth Society is non-profit organization formed by the Western Fuels Association.  The Greening Earth Society believes that humankind's industrial evolution is good and good for nature.  This site quite entertaining, one of the more interesting articles concerns international policy makers’ bias towards warm weather and the positive effect of global warming in preventing hypothermia.   


The Global Climate Coalition is an organization of business trade associations and private companies established in 1989 to coordinate business participation in the scientific and policy debate on the global climate change issue.  This site contains a Climate Change Primer that gives a brief overview of the controversy.  Additionally the site contains an analysis of the Economic Impact of the Kyoto Protocol.


Global Warming: A Lot of Hot Air is an essay that describes global warming as a “proven fallacy”.  The author also views the environmentalist movement as evidence of the "latter days" presented in Scripture, in that they are characterized by "doctrines of devils" and the propaganda deluge of men "speaking lies in hypocrisy".


"Junk science" is faulty scientific data and analysis used to further a special agenda.  This site provides information that can be used to debate members of the junk science “mob” (media and interest groups) or their supporters.  This site contains several interesting links, including one to tax returns for the junk science "mob".  One especially invidious interest group would appear to be the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids.


The Science & Environmental Policy Project was founded in 1990. The project is based on the premise that sound, credible science must form the basis for health and environmental decisions.  The site contains summaries of various controversies including global warming and ozone depletion


The Cato Institute is a nonpartisan public policy research foundation.  The Cato Institute promotes public policy based on principles of limited government, individual liberty, and peace.  The site contains information on a wide variety of topics and includes interesting commentaries on climate change: Fighting Fire with Facts and Logic Goes Extinct as Planet Warms.


The Heartland Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization.  The site covers a wide variety of topics and includes three fact sheets on global warming: The Cost of the Kyoto Protocol, The Politics of the Kyoto Protocol, and The Science of Global Warming.  The Institute also offers a research tool, PolicyBOT, which provides access to a compilation of information from the liberal media and other sources. A password is required for PolicyBOT but only basic information is requested to obtain one.


Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy promotes the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility.  This site does not seem to offer anything to set itself apart from other web sites (it is mainly a compilation of topical articles). 


The American Petroleum Institute represents the nation oil and natural gas industry.  The site on Global Climate is well balanced, especially when considering the source.  The site give a summary of climate change and even encourages the readers to find out what others have to say on the issue, including The White House and the Environmental Defense Fund.


Cooler Heads Coalition is a sub-group of the National Consumer Coalition focusing on global climate issues.  The coalition was formed to dispel myths about global warming. 

The site includes a Global Warming Information Page which contains a brief summary of the issues.


Still Waiting for Greenhouse is a comprehensive web site with lots of pretty pictures and colorful graphs.  This site contains one of the widest varieties of issues within the climate change controversy.


Coalition for Vehicle Choice is a non-profit organization formed in response to growing concern about energy security, potential for global climate change and proposed solutions that would potentially limit the choice of motor vehicles and restrict the mobility of American motorists.  The CVC is supported by more than 40,000 members including the American Goat Society, Inc. and the Beefmaster Breeders Universal.  The site addresses several issues, including global climate policy, and contains an eclectic mixture of articles and policy debates not found on other sites.


The Independent Institute‘s mission is to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform.  The site contains several opinion articles discussing climate change.


The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. The site contains a Global Warming Documents page that provides a large number of articles and press releases concerning climate change.


Skepticism - Global Warming provides links grouped together to better understand why or how global warming is not occurring.


Global Warming Debunking News and Views is a site dedicated to collecting articles and opinions debunking climate change.  The site is not very extensive but the pieces presented are generally from well known people.


The Anti Global Warming Petition Project is an on-going petition for those who do not support the theory of global warming.  This petition is often cited by skeptics as proof of the lack of consensus in science about global warming.  An enormous number of ‘qualified’ scientists have signed the petition.  The site includes a petition card for the reader to sign and return.  The site also includes a very professional looking paper (at least in pdf) summarizing the global warming controversy.


The New Scientist site is quite entertaining and has a large amount of information on many different topics.  One of my favorite global warming pieces is an article about University of Virginia climatologist Pat Michaels and his theories.  In the article Dr. Michaels says that climate modelers and skeptics are not “so far apart”: skeptics believe a doubling of C02 in the atmosphere would raise average temperatures by between 1 and 1.5 ºC. A 1.5 ºC increase is the bottom end of many climate modelers' predictions.