Copyright Information

As stated on the home page, this site makes educational fair use of some copyrighted materials (images) for education and research purposes only.  No authorization for the reproduction or transmission outside of the classroom setting should be implied on the part of the copyright owners.  Permission for use of the images on this site only has been obtained.

I decided to use images borrowed from other sites in order to expose readers to the diversity of wargaming (and other) material available on the Web and provide them with a way of exploring those materials.  I considered a link from the picture to the original page would both provide the original site with traffic and satisfy the curiosity of readers who were interested in learning more about the subject of the image.

At present, I believe that usage of publicly accessible images in an educational research page where links are provided to the originating page satisfies the current norms of Web authorship as well as the legal standard for educational fair use. Given the current uncertainty about the fair use of digital images and about linking law in general, it is possible that in some cases the site from which I borrowed an image did not itself have copyright permissions to display the images in question or some of the sites might disagree with me about the proper scope of fair use.  In such case, I promise to remove or replace any images if anyone with an interest tells me there is a problem, and I apologize in advance to any offended parties--please don't sue me as I have no money to pay for a lawyer and am not yet one myself.

As to the text on this site, the author claims no copyright.  Feel free to republish, distribute, or alter and claim as your own to your heart's content.

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