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This website examines and analyzes the practice of wargaming, providing an introduction for those unfamiliar with wargaming as well as offering a theoretical framework through which wargame designs can be evaluated and studied. Part I attempts to define the meaning of wargame and describe the scope of wargaming.  Part II offers some tools for evaluating and analyzing wargames.  Part III provides cases studies of wargames.  Part IV provides links to wargaming resources on the Web.

The site is designed to be read sequentially.  Readers can advance through the site by clicking on the next button at the bottom of each page, or alternatively can use the right arrow next to each page's title.  The left arrow directs the reader to the previous page. A site map is also accessible through the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.  Footnotes are indicated by a number in bracket which links to text at the bottom of each page. External hyperlinks are occasionally inserted into the text when they may be useful and are marked in the standard hyperlink format.  To return to the site, you'll need to hit the back button on your browser.

This website was constructed as a student project for Professor John Setear's How We Get Into Wars class at the University of Virginia School of Law.  The site was created by Greg Lastowka and all external links have been validated as of on December 3, 1999.  A bibliography of sources used in researching the topic of wargaming can be found on the links pages.

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