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Posted by Paul Smith on on July 27, 2004

Another interesting read. At times even made me laugh out loud. It's a book that should be common sense, but it's written to respond to the current thinking in the more radical feminist circles and we should know better than to expect common sense from them.

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Power Line
Posted by 'the Big Trunk' (Scott W. Johnson) on on July 24, 2004

One of the most important books published this year is Taking Sex Differences Seriously by Steven Rhoads of the University of Virginia. Rhoads summarizes the research on the differences between men and women documented in the serious social science research of the past 30 or so years. The book is written for the intelligent layman, and is not dry or academic. The sheer, unapologetic political incorrectness of virtually every page of the book combined with its anchor in the research makes the book an intellectually thrilling experience.

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Posted by Kevin on on July 23, 2004

One of the most destructive ideas to emerge from the 1960ís is the idiotic belief that all differences between men and women are socially constructed. But as Professor Farnsworth would say, ďGood news everyone!Ē It turns out that every stereotype weíve heard about men and women is true. Most of them stem from disparities in sex hormones. You can read all about it in the wonderful new book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously.

It may all seem like a moot point; after all, the Clinton years ended the era when intelligent people took feminism seriously. Its intellectual demise hasnít eroded feminismís institutional strength yet, alas. Even today, on campus itís more heretical to tolerate sex differences than to deny Christ. Things are improving though. Thirty years ago, sociologist Steve Goldberg was rejected by 69 publishers (a world record then!) before he could publish The Inevitability of Patriarchy, which proved the impact of sex hormones on society. Today, newsweeklies can publish articles on the differences between men and women with only cursory bowing and scraping before feminist dogmas. I hope that one day that discussions of race differences can undergo the same intellectual liberation.

Ok, now itís time for the smartass question of the day: if itís true that women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes, why does anyone hire men at all? If I were an eeeevil businessowner, Iíd fire all the men and replace them with women so I could save 25% in labor costs. Or is there something crucial Iím leaving out? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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