Review from the New York Post

Reassessing the Sexes
By Felice Maranz, the New York Post, July 11, 2004

Excerpt from the Review:

MOTHER'S love is like an opiate, addicting newborns with its irreplaceable power, according to a recent study. Educated women with great careers are increasingly choosing to stay home with their children, proclaims Time. A respected British scientist argues there are "essential" differences between male and female brains, theorizing autism may simply be the extreme expression of the genetic hardwiring of the male brain. 

Gender gaps, "Mommy Wars" and socio-biology make for gripping material. We know more than ever about what makes us human, male and female, and we long for understanding. Author Steven Rhoads, a University of Virginia politics professor, adds another volume to the gender bookshelf with "Taking Sex Differences Seriously." 

Rhoads deploys a wealth of interesting studies to argue that most women want loving relationships and to care for their children, allowing that some (albeit hormonally different) women would like to have a career as well. Men, he writes, need the mitigating effects of marriage in order to civilize them, while children thrive with the best of both biological parents, each embracing his or her role as breadwinner and caregiver.

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