XenSupSomiteConfocalSlice.jpg - Xenopus laevis early tailbud; transverse confocal slice showing neural tube, notochord, somites and roof of the gut. Embryos surface biotinylated prior to gastrulation, biotin visualized with a fluorescent probe shows contribution of surface epithelium to deep tissues, particularly somitic adaxial cells. Credit = David Shook, Keller Lab


XenSupSomiteConfocalProj.jpg - Xenopus laevis early tailbud; projection of a series of confocal slices, one of which is seen in the above image (XenSupSomiteConfocalSlice.tif). Credit = David Shook, Keller Lab



AmexBetaCatBPConfocal.jpg - Ambystoma mexicanum late gastrula; confocal slice through lateral blastopore, stained for Beta-Catenin. Credit = David Shook, Keller Lab