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Shook, D., C. Majer & R. Keller (2002)
Urodeles Remove Mesoderm from the Superficial Layer by Subduction through a Bilateral Primitive Streak.

Developmental Biology 248, 220-239


Movies are in Quicktime, which can be downloaded here. 


Figure S1. Confocal stacks from which Fig. 3G was made, and projections of those stacks.

Figure S1 A: rotation of projections of left side of Fig. 3G

Figure S1 B: confocal stack for Fig. 3G

Figure S1 C: rotation of projections of right side of Fig. 3G

Figure S1 D: confocal stack for Fig. 3G

Figure S2. Timelapse movie showing the A. mexicanum Giant Sandwich traced in Fig. 4C.

Figure S3. Timelapse movie showing the T. granulosa Giant Sandwich traced in Fig. 4D

Figure S4. Timelapse movie showing the A. maculatum dorsal isolate shown in Fig. 6.

Figure S5. A.mexicanum lateral marginal zone (LMZ) explants

Figure S5 A: Timelapse movie showing the explant shown in Fig. 7. Sub-blastoporal endoderm has been removed from left explant, remains on right explant.

Figure S5 B: Timelapse movie of a LMZ explant (left) and a DMZ explant (also open faced) (right). Note that while the entire marginal zone of the left explant de-epithelializes, only the edges of the marginal zone region de-epithelialize in the right explant, while the presumptive notochord does not.

Figure S5 C: Timelapse movie showing a series of increasingly higher resolution views of de-epithelialization.

Figure S5 D: Timelapse movie showing an explant with scattered RDA labeled cells. Visualized with low-light epi-fluorescence. As cells de-epithelialize, they transit from epithelial behavior (sedate) to mesenchymal behavior (protrusive).

Figure S6. Confocal images of A. mexicanum stained with a anti-cingulin antibody.

Figure S6 A: rotation of stage 12 blastoporal region shown in Fig. 9A, inset. Taken through 20X lense; rotation is around the X-axis, from 320 to 60 degrees. The lowest (least invaginated) point (at about 10:30, if 12 o'clock pointed directly into the screen) in the blastoporal cleft running around the outside of yolk plug is presumed to be the most ventral point.

Figure S6 B: stack Figs S6A and Fig. 9A, inset was made from.

Figure S6 C: rotation through the lateral portion of a stage 12 blastopore lip, shown in Fig. 9A. Rotation is from 330 to 30 degress around the X-axis.

Figure S6 D: Confocal stack that Figs 9A and S6 C are based on. 100 mm span, 2.5 mm increments, through a 40x oil immersion lense.

Figure S7. Timelapse movie and cingulin staining of A. maculatum giant shown in Figs 9C-F.

Figure S7 A: Timelapse movie of giant sandwich, just prior to excission and fixation of the fragment that was processed for cingulin staining. Parallel lines indicate the location cuts were made for excision. The inner box indicates the region shown in Fig. 9F.

Figure S7 B: rotation of confocal stack showing cingulin staining that the projection in Fig. 9F was taken from.