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Jeffrey V Siebers

Profession: Medical Physics and Engineering

Specialty: External beam radiation therapy dose evaluation


Robust optimization

The aim of robust optimization is to create radiation therapy treatment plans which are capable of the treatment prescription for the range of conditions which can occur during treatment delivery.  That is, the optimization is robust to uncertainties inherent to patient setup, tissue motion and deformation, target and organ delineation, and radiation dose delivery.  As such, robust optimization can also be termed “uncertainty informed” optimization. 

In addition to publications on robust optimization (also known as probabilistic treatment planning or coverage optimized planning), 3-6,10,11,19 my research group has investigated quantifying errors and uncertainties in robust-optimization sub-processes, such as deformable dose mapping13-17,20-24 and dose calculation and optimization (See CV). 

Treatment delivery quality control

My research group is advancing methods for treatment delivery quality control including use of electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) for pre- and during-treatment quality control and characterizing the sensitivity and specificity of both the detector system and the error detection metric for prevention of clinically significant beam delivery errors. 1,2,7-9,12,18

Radiation therapy process automation

My research often requires consistent evaluation of the processes under study for a large number of cases in order to demonstrate statistical significance.  Consistency has been achieved via creation and execution of automated processes and scripts.  We are now extending the automation to clinical treatment planning and quality assurance.

As individual patient characteristics should influence the treatment decision, our automated systems are being designed to plan several treatment options, permitting the physician and patient to individualize the treatment decision.  To ease decision making, we are studying decision support systems to assist decision space navigation.


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