Astronomy 121 -- Sample Questions for Exam 1

 1. The Fall Equinox occurs at 5:51 a.m. on Sunday September 23  at this instant

     A. the Sun was directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer at 0-degrees
          longitude (the Prime Meridian).
     B. the Sun was directly overhead at the Equator at 0-degrees
          longitude (the Prime Meridian).
  x  C. the Sun crossed the celestial equator as seen from the center
           of the Earth.
     D. the Earth reached its closest distance from the Sun.
     E. more than once choice is valid

 2.  If the Earth were moved THREE TIMES further from the Sun, by
     how much would angular size of the Sun change.
     A. increase by 3 times.
   x B. decrease by 3 times.
     C. increase by 9 times.
     D. decrease by 9 times.
     E. It would remain the same.

 3.  The Sun always lies furthest from the celestial equator at the

  A. equinoxes.  x B. solstices.  C. line of nodes  D. zodiac.  E. deferent.

 4.  At which of the following places will you be able to see
      the fewest circumpolar stars.

      A. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada (latitude = 51 degrees)
      B. Amherst, Massachusetts (latitude = 42 degrees).
      C. Tucson, Arizona (latitude = 31 degrees).
  x   D. Mexico City, Mexico (latitude = 19 degrees).