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  • Problem Set 6 is now optional. It will be counted as extra credit.
  • All course materials are due by May 10 at the latest.
  • Track down any of the course instructors or TA's for help.

Textbook: There will be two books used regularly to provide supporting readings and reference for the course (as well as a couple of others used occasionally). The Astronomy Department will hold a few copies of each book on reserve mitigating the need to purchase both. If you wish to purchase on or the other the thumbnail images below are linked to the Amazon pages that enable the purchase of new or used copies.

Observational Astronomy
by D. Scott Birney   
  To Measure the Sky
by Fredrick R. Chromey   

  • Key References:
    McCormick/Fan Observatory Manual - PDF; RRRT Manual - PDF

  • Local Thermal Infrared Satellite Loop - 4 hours

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