Joseph Adams (6th Year)

My portrait at infrared wavelengths 1.2, 1.6, and 2.2 microns
taken with the 2MASS survey camera during lab checkout in 1997.
Take a look at the other victims in the 2MASS Infrared Portrait Gallery.

My thesis research utilizes the 2MASS survey, now in production, and the USNO-A catalog, generated from a digitization of the Palomar Sky Survey, to sift out low mass proper motion members of the nearest stellar clusters such as the Pleiades, Praesepe, and Alpha Persei. My thesis committee is chaired by Prof. Mike Skrutskie advising in collaboration with Dr. John Stauffer at the CfA. Deriving the proper motion sample aims to address the following observational issues:

Other goals and interests include:

In addition to working with 2MASS and USNO data, I have been awarded time on the WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak and the 1.2 m at FLWO this fall to obtain followup multi-object spectra and optical imaging of new candidate Pleiads over an area that spans hundreds of square degrees. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

In June 1999, I delivered a poster entitled A Wide Field Search for Proper Motion Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades while attending From Giant Planets to Cool Stars conference held at Northern Arizona University.

You can also visit the 2MASS airglow page, now a reflection of nights of glory past.

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