Astronomy 512 - Spring 2006 - Assignment 2

  1. Individually -- On the conference table in the lab you will find a machined aluminum part. Make a mechanical drawing for this part and have that drawing reviewed and initialed by our machinst, Charles Lam. Note that the screw holes are located on "bolt circles" of a given radius. It will be sufficient estimating this radius for the drawings (as opposed to estimating the X-Y coordinate for each hole). The holes should be specified in terms of the appropriate designation of screw (e.g. 10-24 clear or 8-32 tapped). Measure and dimension to bulk dimensions to 0.001" (that is, 2.498" and not 2 1/2").

  2. Starting Monday....In your groups - Disassemble and reassemble the Gilbert clock movement. Disassembly in this case means taking it down to its constituent pieces. It wouldn't hurt if you cleaned up some of the pieces when they are apart. Maybe we can get a running movement out of this in the end. The lab has a digital camera that you can use to document the process. Note that it is probably of great value to image the complete movement from several angles before you start so that you have a reference to put it back together. Here are the images from the EBay page for starters:


Due Friday February 17.