TripleSpec User's Guide

version 0.2a - 09MAY2008

Draft in progress - suitable for shared-risk observation planning
Please send suggestions/corrections to mfs4n --at--

< Serious swap of J and Ks sensitivities in the table below is fixed in this version.

Temporary note: A rotator restriction of +/-80 degrees from the mount position has been imposed for TripleSpec until modification to the mounting clamps are complete. Some source slews may be rejected if they request an invalid rotator position. The situation should be rectified by the end of July. Please consult an ObsSpec for further details.

This document describes TripleSpec from a user's perspective. The current version is marginally sufficient to support shared risk observing in Q3 2008. Ultimately this document will serve as the formal user documentation for TripleSpec.

1. Introduction