Welcome to the Seunghun Lee group web page. Our group's activities focus on strongly correlated electron systems using neutron & X-ray scattering techniques. We also have the in-house capability of growing high quality single crystals of transition metal oxides using a state-of-the-art image furnace.


- Anjana and Seung-Hun's Work on "Scaling of Memories and Crossover in Glassy Magnets" has been accepted by Scientfic Reports, in press (2017). more detail

- Tianran's Work on Novel Solar Cell Materials was highlighted in National Taiwan University Newsletter. more detail translation

- Tianran's Work on Novel Solar Cell Materials was published in PNAS. more detail

- Tianran gave an invited talk about "Entropy-driven structural transition and kinetic trapping in formamidinium lead iodide perovskite" at EMA meeting 2017.

- Tianran's Work on a Novel Solar Cell Material was published in Science Advances and Highlighted in UVAToday. more detail

- Anjana, Tianran, Junjie's work on memory effects and energy landscapes of spin jam and spin glass was published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. more detail

- Junjie, Anjana, Sachith, Kazuki's work on neutron scattering studies of a spin jam system was published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. more detail

- Seung-Hun gave an invited talk about "Love triangles, quantum fluctuations and spin jam" at APS March meeting 2016.

- Anjana Samarakoon moved to ORNL as an intern under ORNL Chief Scientist, Alan Tennant.

- A former group member, Naoyuki Katayama, is promoted to Associate Professor at the Nagoya University, Japan

- Lee's group presented experimental evidence for the existence of a topological spin state called spin jam. more detail

- Depei Zhang joined our group as a PhD Student

- Sachith Dissanayake graduated and moving as a Postdoctoral fellow to the HFIR at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

- Seung-Hun Lee elected Commonwealth Professor

- Seung-Hun Lee elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society more detail

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