The 18th International Symposium on Spin Physics

October 6-11, 2008
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA USA

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First Name Alexei
Last Name Prokudin
Title Transversity, Sivers Function and Collins Fragmentation Functions: Towards a New Global Analysis
Topic Oral
Abstract of 200 words or less
A new, preliminary global analysis of the experimental data on azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS from HERMES and COMPASS collaborations, and in $e^+e^- \to h_1 h_2 X$ processes from the BELLE collaboration, is performed. The new data allow for a more precise determination of the Collins fragmentation function and of the transversity distribution function for $u$ and $d$ quarks, in comparison with the results of our previous analysis. Sivers functions for $u$ and $d$ and $sea$ quarks are extracted from the experimental data
of COMPASS and HERMES. Estimates for the single spin asymmetry in D-Y processes due to Sivers mechanism are presented.