The 18th International Symposium on Spin Physics

October 6-11, 2008
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA USA

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First Name Wenjing
Last Name Yin
Affiliation University of Virginia
Co-Authors Li He, Melissa Commisso Dolph, Jiwei Lu, Robert Hull and Stuart A. Wolf
Title Diluted Magnetic Ge1-xMnx Thin Films and Quantum Dots Synthesized by Multiple Ion Implantation
Topic Oral
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Spin switching devices constructed using self-assembled magnetic Ge quantum dots are the ultimate goal of this effort. We introduced 1.1 at.% of Mn ions into Ge thin films and 3 at.% Mn into Ge Quantum Dots by ion implantation in order to explore the ferromagnetism in Mn implanted Ge. A maximum saturation moment of 0.7 μB/Mn at 5 K was reached when the sample was annealed at 300 ˚C and the moment decreased with higher annealing temperatures. The ferromagnetism in Mn:Ge thin films disappeared at ~ 15 K. However, superparamagnetism has been observed at 1 T up to 200 K for the 300 ˚C annealed film and persisted to room temperature for the 400 ˚C annealed film. Mn implanted Ge Quantum Dots were also found to be ferromagnetic.