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Last updated: September 2008

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   The Proceedings of SPIN2008 will be published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) in print and electronic versions that will be identical. The book will be sent to all attendees who will also have free access to the on-line proceedings for two years after publication.

   Instructions for authors, templates and other information can be found at
The 6 x 9 inch version is the chosen format for SPIN2008 and we request that the original Latex or MS Word file be submitted along with the pdf document.

   All authors must complete and sign an AIP Copyright Transfer agreement form. Many of you did so already at the conference, but if you didn't then you can print out the form at the AIP website and send it to us.

  The page limits are as follows:
  • Talks of a nominal 20 minutes............  4 pages
  • Talks of a nominal 30 minutes............  6 pages
  • Talks of a nominal 45 minutes............ 10 pages
  The DEADLINE for RECEIPT of MANUSCRIPTS is being extended to FEBURARY 15, 2009. There will be no further extensions.

  A few points to check before submitting your manuscript:
  1. Are all markers, curves and labels distinguishable in black and white printing? 
  2. The final printout will be 15% smaller than your PDF file. Are all your texts and labels (in the figure) large enough to be readable? 
  3. If you have scanned graphics, make sure they are scanned with a resolution of 600dpi. Lower resolution may appear perfect on your screen but produce poor printing quality.

  To submit your manuscript to SPIN2008, please login to UVaCollab*, then
  1. go to Resources, choose folder "Manuscript for Proceedings";
  2. Choose a session subfolder appropriate for your manuscript, then click "Add -> upload files";
  3. You must upload TWO files: one PDF and the other the source file (Latex or WORD). 
    • If the source file contains only a single WORD file, please upload it directly. 
    • If the source file contains a latex and multiple files for figures, please compress them and upload the package ;
  4. Please include your full name (first- and lastnames) in both filenames so our editors can tell which talk your manuscript is for;
  5. Please choose NO Email Notification. But a separate email to the session convenors or the LOC is recommended;
  6. If you submitted more files than necessary, please delete redundant files. If you would like to update your contribution, you may delete the original file and upload a new one. 
  7. If you are overwhelmed by the instruction above or fail to upload your file, you may email your manuscript to xiaochao@jlab.org, please remember to include the session name.
* If you have lost your password, go to UVaCollab and click on "lost password" on the left manu bar. You will need the email address you used for SPIN2008 to request for your password.  If you have more inquiries, please contact xiaochao@jlab.org.