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Cosmo Article
Story by: Kate Malay
The Red Shirt
Metaphorical Media

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"'Lloyd was this alternative-looking hipster, and I can honestly say I wasn't feeling him at first,' says Vanessa*, 30, who is usually a sucker for the preppy type. 'But when he graciously got up to receive my coat, I unexpectedly found myself wondering if he'd be just as attentive in bed.'"

* Names have been changed.

Cosmopolitan, May 2003

I'm not sure what's more wrong with this-the Vanessa* or the "in bed." Shocker: I don't really care.
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There is always the obnoxious red shirt, you know what I mean, the shirt that stubbornly bleeds its hue on your other clothes, making your whites a discolored, sickly pink. The red shirt in the news industry is the hook, the flashy, sensational story, image, or sound that you cannot help take your eyes, ears, or mind away from. Like the red shirt, it draws you in but eventually discolors the rest of what you understand or experience.

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