Cheaters in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta are obviously too busy with Motel 6 and ménage a trois to listen to the radio.

The War of the Roses is America's new favorite homewrecker: radio stations accept applications from listeners who have reason to believe that their significant others are cheating on them; their morning radio show deejays then pose as employees for a new dot-com florist and offer them a free bouquet of a dozen roses in exchange for passing the company name along to friends. Consistently, the cheaters give the name of their less-than-significant others-caught-at which point the radio deejay interrupts and lets the offended parties break up with them on the line.

On Baltazar and Goumba Johnny of KTU, the beat of New York, are booked for the next four months. On one episode of the War of the Roses, a husband decided to send the roses to his dry cleaner Mai Ling, with the note reading: "I feel like Chinese tonight. Do you feel like Italian? -And then put ha ha ha, or, y'know"-and when his wife cut in, "Jennifer how'd you get on the phone?!" He got downright dirty, calling her family white trash and going into explicit detail of his sex life ("she doesn't yap all the f-ing time like you" was clean compared to the rest). Jen demanded a divorce on the spot.

You feel disgusting for just listening to it. But it's on the radio-so presumably the rest of the city is listening to it-so it must be okay. Atlanta, at least, came to this conclusion when CNN's Best of Atlanta 2003 gave the Bert Show's War of the Roses the "best hate joke on morning radio" which, though not a compliment, is at least a validation.

Leave it to Clear Channel to broadcast, well, crap. One man's trash is another man's treasure. And it sells. Wonder what they'll come up with when all the lying, cheating scum figures out they're being scammed. It sure ain't gonna smell like roses.


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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Bravo's surprise prime time hit of five gay guys "making over" a straight guy, is drawing more than a few eyes in today's critical media-be it "queer" or "straight."

Originally intended and marketed to a female audience, Queer Eye seems to combine the best qualities of the male species in the woman's eye-but in attempting to this fantasy a reality, are false claims being made? The show has won acclaim for integrating gay culture into the mainstream, but critics wonder if the stereotypes the show portrays are more harmful than they are helpful.

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My dream is to sign with Def Jux records. Focus on the international a bit. Ninja Tunes, Warp... Interscope, MTA..." sadi Damani, the lyricist and more vocal part of Charlottesville hip-hop trio the Beetnix. "Man, if Rick Rubin [famous for producing the early Beastie Boys albums] walked in here right now, I'd tie him up and wouldn't let him go until I had a record contract. He is the G-d of producers."

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I always had a crush on Steve, the green-shirted guy who helped a cartoon dog solve a problem by talking to felt salt shakers for clues. But when it came to the real life actor standing in front a green screen, I started to wonder-who is Steve.? (Single? Age? Sign?) And then one day, he was gone. The two year-old in me, with eighteen years of hormones on top of her, wanted to know: where did he go?

"Steve" is Steve Burns, a 29 year-old New York resident and-get ready for this-solo rock musician...

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What we all know and love as reality television is in actuality not realistic television. In fact, nothing can ever truly be realistic television unless you are watching the tape of surveillance camera, but even then- the choice of position, the beginning and ending of the tape, etc. all create inherent bias. So when it comes to reality television, with all the cutting, splicing, and special effects, much more is thrown into the bias basket of editing.

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