Lab Videos

Dr. Thornton has produced videos for all labs except the first one. You will need Quick Time in order to view these videos. The videos are on the order of 8-10 minutes long and discuss the experimental equipment, not the physics. The video links will be placed below.

Quick Time is created by Apple, and is available as a free download.
To Download Quick Time.

Click on the link below to see the video.

Lab 2 One Dimensional Motion
Lab 3 Velocity and Acceleration

Lab 4 Projectile Motion

Lab 5 Force
Lab 6 Work and Energy
Lab 7 Collisions and Momentum
Lab 8 Rotational Dynamics
Lab 9 Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum
Lab 10 Fluids
Lab 11 The Ideal Gas Law and Absolute Zero of Temperature
Lab 12 Heat Engines and the First Law of Thermodynamics There are some sound problems around 5-7 minutes.