pdf files for the lab manual. These pdf files are useful for working out the postlab quiz. Every student must purchase a lab manual. These files can not be used to print off the manual for lab.


Lab 1 Physical Measurements

Lab 2 One Dimensional Motion

Lab 3 Velocity and Acceleration

Lab 4 Projectile Motion

Lab 5 Force

Lab 6 Work and Energy

Lab 7 Collisions and Momentum

Lab 8 Rotational Dynamics

Lab 9 Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum

Lab 10 Fluids

Lab 11 The Ideal Gas Law and Absolute Zero of Temperature

Lab 12 Heat Engines and the First Law of Thermodynamics

Appendix A Selected Constants

Appendix B Graphical Analysis

Appendix D Accuracy of Measurements and Treatment of Experimental Uncertainty

Appendix E Vectors