Summer 2009



Course Coordinator: Professor Stephen Thornton

Physics 203 is the laboratory that serves students in Physics 201, 231, and a few students in 151. It is not required that you be registered in an accompanying lecture course, but that is the normal and preferred procedure. Physics 203 is a 2 hour session where students will answer pedagogical questions and perform experiments designed to help you learn physics. Much of the laboratory is conceptual and is designed to help you understand physics.

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Introduction and General Information. It is very important for you to read this. WebAssign grading policy is here.

Lab Videos. The short videos are to help you understand how the experimental equipment works for each lab.

Lab Section Information. Look up schedule and TA names and email addresses.

Office Hours. There is lots of help scheduled for you to help solve your pre-lab homework and prepare for the lab. Just drop in and ask for help. You do not need to attend the office hours held by your TA. Visit anyone!

Link to WebAssign for UVa students and faculty. Look here for your prelab homework and postlab quiz. Your username and password are the same as your UVa email account.

Student Guide to WebAssign. Look here if you need help in using WebAssign. NOTE: Sections 1, 2, and 3.3 do not apply to UVa students accessing WebAssign via WebAssign for UVa link.  UVa folks use their CMS username and password to log in.

Workshop Manual PDF versions of the laboratory manual. For reference ONLY; You are REQUIRED to purchase a manual. The manual should be available from the UVa bookstore a week or so before the first lab.

Laboratory Schedule
Day of Week
Lab Number
June 9 Tuesday
Physical Measurement
June 11 Thursday
One Dimensional Motion
June 15 Monday
Velocity and Acceleration
June 16 Tuesday
Projectile Motion
June 18 Thursday
June 19 Friday
Work and Energy
June 22 Monday
Collisions & Momentun - Newton's 3rd Law
June 23 Tuesday
Rotational Dynamics
June 25 Thursday
Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum
June 29 Monday
June 30 Tuesday
Ideal Gas Law & the Absolute Zero of Temperature
July 2 Thursday
Heat Engines & 1st Law of Thermodynamics
July 3 Friday
Make up
Make-up - TA permission required