pdf files for the lab manual. These pdf files are useful for working out the post-lab quiz. Every student must purchase a lab manual. These files can not be used to print off the manual for lab.


Lab 1 Physical Measurements

Lab 2 One Dimensional Motion

Lab 3 Velocity and Acceleration

Lab 4 Projectile Motion

Lab 5 Force

Lab 6 Work and Energy

Lab 7 Collisions and Momentum

Lab 8 Rotational Dynamics

Lab 9 Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum

Lab 10 Oscillations and Sound

Lab 11 Fluids

Lab 12 The Ideal Gas Law and Absolute Zero of Temperature

Lab 13 Heat Engines and the First Law of Thermodynamics


Appendix A Selected Constants

Appendix B Graphical Analysis

Appendix D Accuracy of Measurements and Treatment of Experimental Uncertainty

Appendix E Vectors