pdf files for the lab manual. These pdf files are useful for working out the post-lab quiz.
Every student must purchase a lab manual. These files can not be used to print off the manual for lab.

Lab 01 Electrostatics

Lab 02 Electrostatic Force and Coulomb's Law

Lab 03 Batteries, Bulbs & Current

Lab 04 Ohm's Law & Kirchoff Circuit Rules

Lab 05 Capacitors & RC Circuits

Lab 06 Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio

Lab 07 Inductors & RC Circuits

Lab 08 AC Current & Voltage

Lab 09 Geometrical Optics

Lab 10 Polarization

Lab 11 Microwave & Light Interference

Lab 12 Optical Spectra

Lab 13 Radioactivity, Beta and Gamma Rays

Appendix A Selected Constants

Appendix B Graphical Analysis

Appendix D Accuracy of Measurements and Treatment of Experimental Uncertainty

Appendix E Vectors