Student Response System Transmitters or Clickers
Additional Information

Reading Quiz. The reading quiz will be graded and will count as two conceptual questions. You will receive 6 points if you submit the correct answer, 4 points if you submit the wrong answer, and no credit if you don't submit an answer.. It will be available to be answered during the first 2 1/2 minutes of class and then will be turned off. If you are late to class and are not able to answer the question, you will receive no credit.

Conceptual Quizzes. The conceptual quizzes will be given throughout the lecture. The format is that the question will be posed, the student will be given a minute or so to answer the multiple choice question with no help. If more than 65% of the students submit the correct answer, we move on after a brief explanation by the professor.. If less than 65% of the class submit the correct answer, then students talk about the question with their nearest neighbors and try to come to a consensus. Then the students have another chance to choose the correct answer. Both answers are counted in your grade. 10% of your final grade will depend on the number of and quality of responses given during the semester. We will give zero credit for no response (which usually means you are either absent or asleep), 3 points for the correct answer, and 2 points for an incorrect answer. This paragraph is subject to change during the semester.

Grade Determination. Let's assume that we give 3 points for all correct answers and that the total number of possible points for the entire semester is 300. We will give you a certain number of free misses (20% at this point). If we give you 20% misses, then a total of 240 points (or more) would be a grade of 100% or perfect. That is, your grade for using the clickers, might be the percentage grade of dividing your total points by 240. For those earning more than 240 points, we cap your grade at 100%. This technique allows you a few class absences and misses. Over half the class normally receives a 100% grade for the clickers.

Problems with Clickers. We will not consider somehow giving you credit or changing your clicker grade when any of the following happens: forgotten or stolen clicker, ineffective or somehow not working clicker, weak batteries, or anything else you can think of that results in your response not being recorded electonically. We account for these missed opportunities by giving you free misses as discussed in the previous paragraph. This is important. No allowances will be given to students who, for whatever reason, do not use their clicker in class. It is your responsibility to bring the clicker to every class and maybe even to have extra batteries. If you lose your clicker, you should obtain a new one ASAP and give your new transmitter number to your professor. You will loose all credit in the meantime. If you miss many classes due to illness or some other special reason, please see your professor, and special consideration will be given..

Policy on coming to class late and missing the reading quiz! For whatever reason, you will receive a grade of zero if you do not respond to the reading quiz during the opening few minutes (usually 2 1/2) of the quiz. As soon as the time expires, you may not respond. It is the student's responsibility to be in class on time.

Policy on using someone else's transmitter. It will be considered an honor offense to use another student's transmitter in class. Any student who sees another student use two transmitters, for example, should challenge the student and report it as an honor offense.