Physics 6360

A Summer Residency Course for Teachers of Physics


PHYS 6360: Curriculum Enhancement II 
July 7 - 30, 2010


S. T. Thornton


The course will consist of laboratory-type hands-on activities, physics curricula discussions, pedagogical content knowledge, and inservice activities. During the four-week summer component, teachers (students) will complete several different kinds of activities including experiments using probes with both graphing calculators and computers, table-based labs, and video-based labs. Technology will be emphasized. During the following fall teachers will conduct an inservice presentation.

Daily Lab Schedule


Summer 2010 PHYS 6360 Schedule 
Day  Lab topic Lecture Topic
Wed, 7/7 Introduction, Pre-lab evaluation, Electrostatics Electric Charge, Ch. 21
Thr, 7/8 Electrostatic Force and Coulomb's Law, Verifying Coulomb's Law Electric Fields, Ch. 22
Fri, 7/9 Explore Learning, Share-a-Thon Gauss' Law, Ch. 23
Mon,7/12 Gauss' Law, Equipotential and the Electric Field Electric Potential, Ch. 24
Tue, 7/13 Batteries, Bulbs and Current, keep Capacitor CBL Capacitance, first 1/2 of Current/Resistance, Ch. 25, 26
Wed, 7/14 Radioactivity.  Consider switching this and next experiment.  Ask teachers. 2nd half Current & Resistance, Ch. 26;Circuits, Ch. 27
Thr, 7/15 Ohm's Law & Kirchoff's Circuit Rules. Quiz 1
Fri, 7/16 Science Olympiad Magnetic Fields, Ch. 28
Mon, 7/19 Capacitors & RC Circuits,             Interactive Lecture Demo. Magnetic Fields Due to Currents, Ch. 29
Tue, 7/20 Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio, Earth's magnetic field with Vernier LabQuest outside. Inductance and Inductance, Ch. 30
Wed, 7/21 Inductors & LR Circuits, D-cell motor Electromagnetic oscillation, AC, Ch. 31;  Magnetism of matter, Maxwell's eqns, Ch. 32
Thr, 7/22 AC Current, Voltage, Filters, Resonance.  Possibly delete the Magnetic field in a Slinky (CBL). Quiz 2
Fri, 7/23 Semiconductors and Diodes EM waves, polarization, Snell's Law, Images; Chs. 33, 34
Mon, 7/26 Geometric Optics, Light Lessons with a Laser Pen Optics, Images, Ch. 34
Tue, 7/27 Polarization, Variation of Light Intensity, Light Intensity Versus Position Interference, Ch. 35
Wed, 7/28 Microwaves and Light Interference. Diffraction, Ch. 36
Thr, 7/29 Optical Spectra with a Diffraction Grating. Quiz 3
Fri, 7/30 Final exam, post-lab evaluation Review, Evaluation

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