Physics 6360

A Summer Residency Course for Teachers of Physics


PHYS 6360: Curriculum Enhancement II 
July 22 - August 1, 2013


S. T. Thornton

Course Summary:

PHYS 6350 and 6360 are now the only courses in the Master of Arts in Physics Education (MAPE) degree program that require teachers to be in residence in Charlottesville, VA. These two courses are offered in odd-numbered years: 2013, 2015, etc. PHYS 6350 is offered for two weeks beginning July 8 and PHYS 6360 is offered for two weeks beginning July 22. Teachers may take either one or both courses. The course will consist of laboratory-type hands-on activities, physics curricula discussions, pedagogical content knowledge, and inservice activities. During the two-week summer component, teachers (students) will complete several different kinds of activities including experiments using probes and computers, table-based labs, and video-based labs. Technology will be emphasized. During the following fall teachers will conduct an inservice presentation. Grades are not finalized until early October.

Daily Lab Schedule
Summer 2013 PHYS 6360 Schedule
Lab Topic
Mon, July 22 Morning: Introduction; Pre-lab evaluation; Lab 1 - Electrostatics
Afternoon: Lab 2 - Electrostatic Force and Coulomb's Law
Tue, July 23 Morning: Lab 3 - Gauss' Law; Equipotential and the Electric Field
Afternoon: Share-a-Thon; Lab 4 - Batteries, Bulbs and Current
Wed, July 24 Morning: Lab 5 - DC Circuits & Ohm's Law
Afternoon: Interactive Lecture Demo; Lab 6 - Capacitors & RC Circuits
Thr, July 25 Morning: Lab 7 - Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio; Measure Earth's B and Dip Angle
Afternoon: Lab 8 - Inductors & LR Circuits; D-cell Motor
Fri, July 26 Morning: Lab 9 - Radioactivity
Afternoon: Science Olympiad
Mon, July 29 Morning: Lab 10 - AC Currents, Voltages, Filters & Resonances
Afternoon: Lab 11 - Semiconductors and Diodes
Tue, July 30 Morning: Lab 12 - Polarization; Variation of Light Intensity (may move to next lab period)
Afternoon: Lab 13 - Geometrical Optics; Light Intensity versus Position
Wed, July 31 Morning: Lab 14 - Microwaves and Light Interference; Light Lessons with a Laser Pen (not all activities)
Afternoon: Lab 15 - Atomic Spectra
Thr, August 1 Morning: Evaluation, Final Exam

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Click here to see Lab Videos of many of the experiments

Inservice Project Plan Forms (Word pdf)

Inservice Project Report Forms (Word pdf)



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