Surface Science: Foundations of Catalysis and Nanoscience

Introduction: Supplemental Material

Surface science underpins much of the science behind heterogeneous catalysis and nanotechnology.
The purpose of these supplemental pages is to explore further some of the applications of surface science
as well as some of the web-based resources that exist. Hopefully you will find that this material
enhances the learning experience of my textbook as well as providing you the opportunity to delve
further into those topics that you find of interest.

A good  place to start is to surf some of the sites of organization involved in Catalysis and Nanoscience.
This is why I've created a page of useful links to societies involved in these areas.

For instance, you can find a very nice introduction to catalysis (both heterogeneous and homogeneous
from the Institute of Applied Catalysis . Or you can learn about the history of catalysis from the North American
Catalysis Society. You might also like to check out the very fine Introduction to Heterogeneous Catalysis
site of Per Stoltze.

Or maybe you would like to Explore the Nanoworld with the help of this U of Wisconsin-Madison website.
Oder nimm doch ein NanoReisen auf Deutsch or in English. Learn how to build your own scanning
tunneling microscope
(STM) or just look at some cool images provided by NASA .
An introduction to nanoscience from Prof. Vicki Colvin  can be found here.

There's lots more to discover under these  links:

A Selection of Laboratories working in surface science, nanoscience & catalysis

Educational Sites for Surface Science, Nanoscience & Catalysis

Surface Science, Nanoscience & Catalysis Web-Based Resources

Surface Science, Nanoscience & Catalysis Journals

Chemistry, Physics & Catalysis Societies

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