Allan T. Gwathmey Surface

Science Research Retreat

The first annual Gwathmey Research Retreat and Graduate Student Symposium in Surface Science is tentatively scheduled for mid-May, 1999. The research retreat for about 50 people will be held at Graves’ Mountain Lodge on the slope of the Shenandoah mountains, about 30 miles north of Charlottesville. The one and a half day retreat will be modeled after the highly successful New Hampshire Gordon Conferences in which organized scientific talks and poster sessions are held in the mornings and evenings, while the afternoons will be left free for people to meet and chat with one another while enjoying outdoor activities. On the morning of the first day, talks by the faculty will provide an overview of the University’s current research activities and future plans. In the late afternoon, the faculty will meet to discuss: (i) future Gwathmey speakers and Retreat issues, (ii) submission of joint equipment proposals, (iii) strategic planning and development of possible collaborative research initiatives such as the submission of a National Science Foundation-Science and Technology Center (NSF-STC) proposal for Surface Science. In the evening, undergraduate and graduate students will present poster presentations. The authors of the best posters will be asked to give oral presentations the following morning and the speaker giving the best overall scientific presentation will be awarded a Gwathmey travel prize to attend a national scientific meeting. By the end of the Retreat, all of the participants should have become more personally familiar with one another and have an up-to-date perspective on the University’s diverse surface science activities and resources.