Allan T. Gwathmey Surface Science,

Engineering, and Medicine Seminar Series

(Gwathmey SurfSEM)

Professor Jens K. Norskov, Center for Atomic-Scale Materials Physics, Technical University of Denmark Catalyst Design from First Principles 11/23/99, 4 pm/ Chem Rm. 304
Professor Gerhard G. Ertl, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Reactions at Surfaces: From Atomic Processes to Complex Dynamics 01/21/99, 4 pm/ Chem Rm. 304 (reception will follow)
Professor Erich Sachmann, Lehrstrul fur Biophysik, Technical University of Munich, Germany Soft Bioanalog Interfaces: Scientific and Practical Applications 04/01/99, 4 pm / Conference Auditorium, 1st Floor, Jordan Hall (room 1326)
Professor Rutger van Santen, Eindhoven University of Technology Synergy of Theory and Experiment in Zeolite Catalysis 06/10/99, 4 pm/ Chem. Rm. 304

Professor Samuel Stupp, Northwest University

Supramolecular Strategies for Novel Materials 10/22/99, 4 pm/ Chem. Rm. 304

Professor Bengt Kasemo, Chalmers University, Sweden

Biological Surface Science - How Can Surface Science Contribute to Biomedical R&D. 9/29/00, 4 pm/ Chem. Rm. 304 (reception will follow)

Professor Carlos Bustamante, University of California, Berkeley

Recent Advancements of Single Molelcular Manipulation in Biophysics 4/5/01, 4 pm/ Chem. Rm. 304 (reception will follow)