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Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player whose amazing achievements helped rank him along the best tennis professionals of all time. As of January 2007, Roger Federer is the world’s number 1 tennis player. Many tennis observers, including even many of his peers, believe that Federer can be the greatest tennis player ever.

Federer became the first player in 2002 since Mats Wilander in 1988 to win three out of four Grand Slam singles tournaments. Federer was able to repeat this achievement in 2006 and became the first tennis players in the open era to become winners in at least ten singles championships for three consecutive years. Federer has also won 9 titles in Grand Slam men’s singles in 30 appearances, triple Tennis Masters Cup, and 12 ATP Masters singles titles. Federer is the only tennis player to win both the U.S. and the Wimbledon singles titles in three consecutive years, from 2004 to 2006.

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Roger Federer began his professional career in 1997 and is currently still playing on tour. Each year he collects more and more wins with fewer and fewer loses.
His win lose record is as follows:

1997: 0,0 record, ranking: 700

1998: 2,3 record, ranking: 302

1999: 13,17 record, ranking: 64

2000: 36,30 record, ranking: 29

2001: 49,21 record, ranking: 13

2002: 58,22 record, ranking: 6

2003: 78,17 record, ranking: 2

2004: 74,6 record, ranking: 1

2005: 81,4 record, ranking: 1

2006: 92,5 record, ranking: 1

2007: 68,9 record, ranking: 1

2008: 66,15 record, ranking: 2

2009: 61,12 record, ranking: 1

2010: -,- record, ranking: 2