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Teaching/Presenting Science in Central Virginia

Welcome to the Science Resource page associated with the Teaching and Presenting Biology course
of the University of Virginia's Biology department!

We've designed this site as a resource for Teachers and Educators in the Charlottesville area.  The materials for each topic were assembled by talented undergraduate students in the Biology Department, who then presented these lessons at local schools and educational centers.  We hope that other instructors will also find these materials useful, especially in addressing the Commonwealth of Virginia's Standards of Learning.

How to Use this Site
We've listed the topics covered below.  Just click on the link to browse that lesson and the associated exercises.  You'll find that the lesson page includes the grade level to which the original presentation was made.  However, the lessons may be adapted to other levels as well!  We've included a list of objectives for each lesson, some background information, demonstrations and interactive exercises, review materials for the lesson, and additional resources related to the topic.

Since this site is still under construction, we'd appreciate any suggestions that you might have to make it as useful and informative as possible.  Click here to email our site coordinator with your thoughts.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Topic Links:
Properties of Sound
Light Refraction
Genetics:  Introduction
Genetics:  Punnet Squares
Genetics:  Meiosis

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