History of Genetics Review

Part One: Match the following terms.
1.______  Mendel A.  Science that studies heredity
2.______  Genetics B.  Characteristics of an organism
3.______  Gene C.  The "father" of genetics
4.______  Incomplete Dominance D.  Units of heredity
5.______  Trait E.  Offspring with genes different for a trait
6.______  Hybrid F.  The blending of genes

Part Two: Multiple Choice.

_____ 1.  The trait that show up the strongest is
            a. purebred    b.dominant    c. recessive    d. hybrid

_____ 2.  The word that means a characteristic of an organism is
            a. pattern        b.tallness    c. trait    d. factor

_____ 3.  Mendel's experiments involved
            a. pea plants    b. roses    c. apples    d.ants

_____ 4.  The dominant form of a gene is written as a
            a. lowercase letter    b.  capital letter

_____ 5.  Organisms that have genes that are alike are called
            a. hybrids    b.dominant    c. recessive    d. purebreds

Part Three:  True/False

_____ 1.  Mendel found that tallness was dominant to shortness.

_____ 2.  P generation stands for first filial generation.

_____ 3.  The law of segregation says that when the parent plant forms sex cells, the parent's gene pairs separate.

_____ 4.  Genetics is the study of heredity.

_____ 5.  Recessive traits are more common than dominant traits.