Name ______________________________


Part One: Choose from the following list of words and fill in the blanks.

Amplitude  Period  Compressions  Waves
 Vibrations  Frequency  Rarefactions 

1. Sound is caused by _________________ which are made up of _______________ and ________________.

2. Sound travels in _______________.

3. The ____________ of a sound wave tells you how load the sound is.

4. The amount of time it takes for a sound wave to complete one wavelength makes up the _______________ of a sound wave.

5. The _____________ of a sound wave measures how many vibrations a sound makes over a certain among of time.

Part Two: Multiple Choice - Circle the letter of the correct answer.

6. Through which state of matter does sound travel the fastest? A) solid B) liquid C) gas

7. Which of the following sounds has the highest amplitude? A) a whisper B) an explosion C) soft clapping D) the wind

8. A sound with a high frequency will have a pitch that is A) low B) high C) heavy D) wet pitch.

9. Sound will travel slowest through A) the air B) the ocean C) the ground.