Title: Professor
Director of the Electron Microscope Facility
Address: Department of Materials Science & Engineering
116 Engineer's Way
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4745, USA
Education: B. S. University of Kentucky, 1978
M. S. University of California, Berkeley, 1983
Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley, 1985

Research Interest

Current research emphasizes the application of high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscope techniques to study mechanisms of phase transformations and the structure and properties of interphase boundaries at the atomic level. Research programs include studies of the atomic mechanisms and kinetics of interphase boundary motion during precipitation in metal alloys, the atomic structure and mechanisms of interphase boundary motion in solid-liquid transformations, understanding the behavior of solid-state phase transformations in nanocrystalline alloys and the use of plasmons to determine the mechanical and physical properties of nanoscale materials.


MSE 601, Structure and Defects (Fall 2001, 2003) (formerly: Crystallography and Diffraction)
MSE 703, Transmission Electron Microscopy (Spring 1993-2002, 2004)
MSE 706, Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy (Fall 2002)
MSE 722, Surfaces and Interfaces in Materials (Fall 2000)

Current Projects

Using Plasmon Peaks in Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy to Determine the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale Materials (DOE-BES)

Atomic Structure and Properties of Transformation Interfaces in Metal Alloys (NSF-DMR)

Diffusional Phase Transformations in Small Systems, with W. C. Johnson (NSF-DMR)

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