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Research in the Howe Group emphasizes the application of high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscope techniques to study mechanisms of phase transformations and the structure and properties of interfaces and materials at the atomic level. Current research programs include:
1) understanding the atomic structure, mechanisms and kinetics of incoherent interphase boundaries in Ti-Al and Zr-N alloys,
2) determining the atomic structure, composition and mechanisms of motion of the solid-liquid interface in binary Al-Si alloys,
3) understanding the behavior of solid-state phase transformations and interfaces in nanocrystalline Ag-Au-Cu alloy particles, and
4) using plasmons to determine the mechanical and physical properties of materials at the nanoscale.
Students interested in performing Ph.D. research in these areas are encouraged to view some of the additional projects listed below or contact Prof. Howe.
Topic by M. Murayama (2001)
Topic by J. M. Howe
Topic by P. Li (2002)
Motion of Al nanosphere in an Al-Si alloy particle
by T. Yokota and J. M. Howe (2003)