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Nanostructure and Microelectronics Research Group


Current Group Members

Name Office/Phone Email
Benoit, Bob MSE111 / 4-6355 rrb4m@virginia.edu
Fan, Wenbin wf5r@virginia.edu
Graham, Jeremy F. MSE111 / 4-6355 jfg6j@virginia.edu
He, Li Trailer** / 2-5651  lh5n@virginia.edu
 Kubis, Alan MSE104 / 2-5683  ajk7s@virginia.edu
Thorp, Jacob jct2y@virginia.edu
 Wu,Chi-Chin Trailer** / 2-5651  cw9r@virginia.edu

** Trailer is located at the intersection of Alderman Rd. and McCormic Rd., accross the Observatory Dining Hall.

Team e-mail:    teamhull@virginia.edu


Name Thesis Work Thesis (PDF)
Stach, Eric A.  In-Situ TEM of SiGe/Si (Ph.D. 1998)  
Mathes, Dave Structure and Chemistry of IIIV Oxides  (M.S. 1996)   
Mathes, Dave Materials Issues For Vcsel Operation and Reliability  (Ph.D. 2002)   (7.10MB)
Moore, Mary Dopant Mapping InP Structures  (M.S. 1996)  
Yuan, Quan Misfit Strain Relaxation Mechanisms in Thin Films  (M.S. 1999)
Longo, Dave Deep Submicron Printing Technology (Ph.D. 2001)   (50.7MB)
Demarest, James Nanoscale Characterization of Stresses in Semiconductor Devices (Ph.D.  2001)   (2.97MB)
Williamson, Mark Investigations of Materials Issues in Advanced Interconnect Structures  (Ph.D.  2002)   (2.84MB)
Artha, Surajit Nanoscale Focused Ion Beam Fabrication of Semiconductor Quantum Dot Architecture (M.S. 2004)  
Liu, Yajing Rapid Nano-patterning of Polymeric Thin Films with a Ga+ Focused Ion Beam (Ph.D. 2004)  
Gray, Jennifer L. (Ph.D. 2004)  
Herlihy, Timothy Micro-Fabrication on Macroscopic Areas via Maskless and Resistless Focused Ion Beam Lithography (MS 2005) (14.9 MB)
Li, Jian (Ph.D. 2005)