Dan Theodorescu MD PhD

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Professor of Urology

Professor of Molecular Physiology

Paul Mellon Chair in Urologic Oncology



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Dr. Dan Theodorescu


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The accomplishments of the laboratory are in great part due to the excellent people that have joined us. In addition, we have an excellent atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality. The backgrounds and training of the lab members is diverse and allows us to carry out a wide variety of techniques to answer the questions at hand. For further details on our projects, personnel, and collaborators, please click the appropriate button below or on the left sidebar.

David Chernauskas

Asoka Galpotthawela

Michael Harding

Dmytro Havaleshko

Mikael Herlevsen

Kevin McRoberts

Charles "Chuck" Owens

Gary Oxford

Nan Ren

Steven Smith

Yimin Wu

Zhong Wu 





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