Dan Theodorescu MD PhD

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Professor of Urology

Professor of Molecular Physiology

Paul Mellon Chair in Urologic Oncology



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Basic Science Research

My laboratory conducts basic research on cellular and molecular aspects of urological cancers, with particular attention given to prostate and bladder cancer. The laboratory has a special interest in tumor cell invasion, metastasis, and drug discovery. We routinely employ molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemical, bioinformatic, cell motility imaging, orthotopic xenograft, and transgenic models of disease as well as in situ studies on human tissues to address questions concerning these issues.

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Clinical Interests and Practice

My clinical interests revolve around the diagnosis and treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular malignancies. These involve seeing patients in the clinic as primary referrals as well as in second opinion from referring urologists. The full gamut of urologic oncologic procedures is offered, including robotic prostatectomy, prostate brachytherapy (“seeds”), prostate cryotherapy, laparoscopic nephrectomy, and continent and orthotopic urinary diversions following cystectomy.  Patients requiring a multidisciplinary approach to their neoplasms or patients with unusual or difficult problems are presented at our weekly multidisciplinary tumor board conference.

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Clinical and Translational Research

My interests extend to the area of clinical research including clinical trials. We have several ongoing research efforts directed at the development of novel prostate and bladder tumor markers. These include both translational projects in collaboration with the Departments of Pathology and Public Health Sciences and multi-institutional clinical trials. In addition, we are studying the quality of life outcomes following radical surgery and radiotherapy for prostate cancer and the use of alternative medicine in these patients.