United States Diplomatic History Since 1914
HIUS 352
T, Th 2:00-3:15 | Chemistry 304


Useful Online Resources:

Foreign Affairs -- The nation's premier journal devoted exclusively to international relations. A product of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs has helped to shape public opinion for close to 80 years.

Cold War International History Project -- Includes useful archive of English
translations of the most recent Cold War documents from international archives, the
CWIHP Bulletin, and working papers interpreting the latest research.

National Security Archive -- Focus on declassified documents illustrating U.S.
national security policy. Particularly useful are the edited and searchable document
collections (access for UVa students is through the UVa Library's website).

CNN's Cold War -- Companion website for CNN's Cold War series.

Cold War Museum -- Includes interesting online exhibits.

U.S. Presidential Libraries -- Libraries and museums of all U.S. presidents from
Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton. Online content varies.

Foreign Relations of the United States -- The official historical record of U.S. foreign
relations compiled by the Historians' Office at the U.S. Department of State.

CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence -- CIA Briefings of Presidential candidates.

CIA's Document Release Center -- The official site for the release of Freedom of
Information documents. Particularly useful is the popular document section.

Prague Spring 1968 -- Site devoted to the uprisings in Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Includes movie footage and eyewitness recollections.

Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact -- This site is still relatively new and
small, but includes recently declassified documents relating specifically to NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

NATO Archives/NATO Strategy Documents -- NATO strategy documents with

U-2 and satellite photos -- large collection of declassified surveillance imagery
hosted by the Federation of American Scientists. Of particular note are the U-2 and
Corona (first U.S. surveillance satellite).