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Journal of the Virginia Folklore Society

Folklore and Folklife
in Virginia, Volume 1, 1979

No longer in print,
but now on-line at
this site.
Table of Contents

A Brief History of The Virginia Folklore Society
    Charles L. Perdue, Jr
The Black Banjo-Playing Tradition in Virginia and West Virginia
    Robert B. Winans
'Tippy' Rhodes: A Black Street Dancer in Charlottesville, Virginia
    Thomas E. Barden
Insult and Slander in Seventeenth-Century Virginia
    Mary C. Beaudry
Communicating with Critters
    Elmer Smith
Notes & Queries
Black Music and Tales from Jefferson's Monticello
    Elizabeth Langhorne
Fresh Peanuts Is the Best of All: A Street Cry from Suffolk, Virginia
    Anne Warner
Vernacular Architecture in Virginia: A Bibliography
    Dell Upton

Folklore and Folklife
in Virginia, Volume 2, 1980-81

No longer in print.
Table of Contents

The WPA Federal Writers' Project in Franklin County, Virginia, 1938-1939
    Raymond H. Sloan
The Blue Ridge Parkway Folklife Project
    Charles K. Wolfe
Two Courtship Stories from the Blue Ridge Mountains
    Patrick B. Mullen
The White Top Festival, 1931-1939: An Introduction, Annotated Bibliography, and Guide to Resources
    David E. Whisnant
Steve Ashby: Virginia Folk Artist
    Charles L. Perdue, Jr.
Witch Tales and Beliefs from the Society Archives

Folklore and
Folklife in Virginia, Volume 3</a>, 1984
Table of Contents

Editor's Note
    Charles L. Perdue, Jr.
"In My Mind's Eye:" The Genre Painting of Queena Stovall
    Claudine Weatherford
Transferring Words from Tape to Page: The Story of Elmer and the Bull
    Margaret R. Yocum [sic]
Lighting the Stube: Oral Tradition and a Shenandoah County Flürkuchenhaus
    Edward A. Chappell
"Good Times When Times Were Bad:" Recollections of Rural House Parties in Virginia
    Barry Lee Pearson
Regionalism, Negative Definitions, and the Suburbs: Folklife in Northern Virginia
    Margaret R. Yocum [sic]

Folklore and
Folklife in Virginia, Volume 4</a>, 1988
Table of Contents

Acknowledgments and Contributors
Prefatory Remarks from the President
    Nancy J. Martin-Perdue
Program for the 75th Anniversary Meeting of the Virginia Folklore Society
The Virginia Folklore Society: A Retrospective
    Nancy J. Martin-Perdue & Charles L. Perdue, Jr.
1939 Field Trip to the Southern States: Inteview [sic] with Herbert Halpert
    [Interview by Dr. Gerald Thomas]
A Square Dance at Rocky Mount, Virginia
    Miriam M. Sizer
An Evening with Rosa Bibb: Ballad Collecting in Charlottesville
    Enid Good
"Wrapt in Dark Midnight": Ghosts of "Margaret" and David Mallet in a Virginia Ballad
    Russell Martin
"Gruver Meadows": Anatomy of a Murder Ballad
    Charles L. Perdue, Jr.
Styles and Influences in the Southwest Virginia Blues Tradition
    Vaughan Webb

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