Our research program is focused on the development of sensing and sampling techniques for the detection of new molecules in the brain.  We aim to study the real-time release of many different neurotransmitters simultaneously to better understand the normal and diseased functioning of the brain.
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(L-R)back row: Jill Venton, Malli Ganesana, Max Puthongkham, Qun Cao, Jeff Copeland, Mimi Shin
seated: Yuanyu Chang, Jason Borgus, Scott Lee, Ying Wang
(picture taken Feb2018)

Recent News

Postdoc wanted! The Venton lab is looking for a postdoc, preferably one with fruit fly or genetics experience.  Please contact Dr. Venton (jventon at virginia dot edu) for more information
Dr. Venton takes a 2 week sabbatical trip to China.  She was graciously hosted by Prof. Lanqun Mao at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry, and had the opportunity to also visit Shaanzi Normal University (Xi'an), Wuhan University (Wuhan), Renmin University (Beijing), and Peking University (Beijing).  The purpose of the trip was to build connections with Chinese research groups and to find out about Chinese science.  
Dr. Venton, along with grad student Rob Dyer and Education Professor Jennifer Maeng, write an article on the teacher workshops performed by LEAD with Dreyfus foundation support.  This article is accepted to Journal of Chemical Education. 
Mimi Shin's paper on measuring acetylcholine-stimulated dopamine release in flies is accepted to Analytical Chemistry.
Dr. Ying Wang successfully defends her dissertation.  Congrats Ying!
The Venton lab says goodbye to Jeff Copeland, our visiting scholar for the last year, as he returns to Eastern Mennonite University.  The flies will miss him!
Incoming graduate student Kelly Dunham joins the lab for the summer, working on fruit fly projects.
Lauren Harris from UMBC joins us for the summer for the diversity summer research program.
Malli's paper on adenosine transients during stroke is accepted to PLoS One
Undergrad Yasmine graduates and is off to Indiana University for grad school.  Congrats Yasmine!
Dr. Scott Lee successfully defends his dissertation.  Congrats Scott!
Dr. Venton and Ying travel to Oxford, UK for the Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience Conference. Dr. Venton is now President-Elect of the International Society for Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience. 
Max's first paper on carbon nanohorns is accepted to Electroanalysis
Max, Malli, Mimi, Ying, and Dr. Venton travel to Orlando for Pittcon.  Everyone did a great job on their talks.  The group enjoyed the evening at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios and had fun riding the Harry Potter ride and the roller coasters together!
Mimi and Jeff wrote a review on neurotransmitter measurements in Drosophila for an ACS Chemical Neuroscience special issue on model systems.
Poojan's paper on endogenous dopamine stimulation in fly larvae by acetylcholine and nicotine is published in Neurochemistry International.
Scott's paper on differences of adenosine release in different brain regions is published in ACS Chemical Neuroscience.
Dr. Venton travels to NYC and Connecticut to meet with alumni and UVa parents to discuss neurochemistry and the opioid crisis. 
Dr. Venton travels to Charlotte, NC to present our Drosophila work at SERMACS.
Dr. Venton travels to Pennsylvania to give a seminar at Lebanon Valley College.   
Dr. Venton travels to National Harbor, MD to the Electrochemical Society Meeting and gives 2 talks, one on new ways to make microelectrodes and the other on tuning carbon nanomaterials for different analytes. The symposia honored her mentor Prof. Mark Wightman and Prof. Christian Amatore.
The Venton lab welcomes Yuanyu Chang, an M.A. student, to the lab.   
The Venton lab welcomes Dr. Jeff Copeland from Eastern Mennonite University as a visiting scholar for the year.  He is an expert in fruit fly aging.

Dr. Venton travels to Providence, RI to deliver an invited lecture on our carbon nanomaterial work to the International Society for Electrochemistry meeting.     
Poojan Pyukarel defends her PhD thesis.  Congratulations Dr. Pyakurel!
The Venton lab welcomes Adetunji Adeniran-Adetoye from Morgan State University to the lab for the summer as part of the FYRE program.   


Dr. Venton and Cheng Yang travel to the Mayo Clinic for the MeMeA Conference.  Our paper wins the award for best paper for the conference. Dr. Kendall Lee also hosts us for a lab tour and Dr. Venton even gets to shadow him while he does deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's patients.    
Dr. Venton gives a seminar to the North Dakota State University Physic Department.     

Ying Wang, Mimi Shin, Scott Lee, Malli Ganesana,
Cheng Yang, and Jill Venton travel to Pittcon in Chicago and give talks.   
Cheng Yang's paper on oxygen plasma etching and antistatic gun treatments is published in Analytical Chemistry. 
Cheng Yang and Elefterios Trikantzopoulos' paper comparing electrochemical and surface properties of different carbon nanotube yarns and fibers is accepted as a cover article to Analytica Chimica Acta

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