Our research program is focused on the development of sensing and sampling techniques for the detection of new molecules in the brain.  We aim to study the real-time release of many different neurotransmitters simultaneously and apply these techniques to in vivo measurements in model neural systems.
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Front Row (left to right): Jill Venton, Poojan Pyakurel, Vishesh Choudhry
Second Row: Hillary Rees,
Scott Lee
Third Row: Ying Wang, Maddie Denno
Fourth Row: Ashley Ross, Eve Privman, Ning Xiao
Fifth Row: Chris Jacobs, Michael Nguyen
Top Row: Alex Zestos, Cheng Yang
(picture taken Feb 2014)

Recent News

Dr. Venton travels to Detroit to present a seminar at Wayne State University.  
Dr. Venton is appointed to the Chemical & Engineering News Advisory Board of the ACS and attends an advisory board meeting.   

Dr. Venton travels to the International Society for Electrochemistry meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland to present our carbon nanomaterial electrode work.
Ashley Ross' paper on adenosine modulation of dopamine transients is accepted to Journal of Neurochemistry.  Congratulations!   

Ashley Ross departs the lab to become a postdoc for Rebecca Pompano's lab at UVA.  Alex Zestos departs the lab to postdoc for Bob Kennedy at University of Michigan. 
Alex Zestos' paper on PEI-CNT fibers is accepted to Analytical Chemistry.  Congratulations!
Ashley Ross' paper on sawhorse voltammetry for adenosine detection is published in Analytical Chemistry.  Congratulations!   

Dr. Venton, Scott Lee, Madelaine Denno, and Poojan Pyakurel travel to UCLA to present at the Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience.  Poojan wins one of the best poster awards!  Congratulations! 
Eve Privman attends the Cold Spring Harbor Summer Course on Drosophila Neurobiology.    

Ning Xiao defends her PhD thesis.  Congratulations Dr. Xiao!  
Dr. Venton and Michael Nguyen travel to Bonn, Germany to attend Purines 2014.  Dr. Venton gives a talk and Michael presents a poster on our adenosine work.   

Malli Ganesana joins the Venton lab as a postdoc.  Ryan Borman and Sara Potteiger join us for the summer before they start graduate research at the University of Virginia.     
Ning Xiao's paper on pulsed optical stimulations in Drosophila is accepted by ACS Chemical Neuroscience.  Congratulations!
Chris Jacob's paper on CNT yarns is accepted to Analytical Chemistry.  Chris departs the lab for a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Lab. Congratulations! 

Dr. Venton and Cheng Yang travel to Oak Ridge National lab to continue our ongoing user project on growing carbon nanomaterial electrodes.    
Dr. Venton and Cheng Yang travel to West Virginia University for the the WVNano conference.  Dr. Venton gives a talk and Cheng gives a poster. 

Three defenses in 3 days!  Ashely Ross and Alex Zestos receive their PhD's in Chemistry and Hillary Rees receives her MS in Chemistry.  Congratulations to Dr. Ross and Dr. Zestos and Hillary! 
The Venton lab receives a new NIH grant entitled "Carbon nanotube yarn and fiber microelectrodes for high temporal resolution sensing of dopamine".  This is a 2 year R21 award funded by NIDA to look at high temporal measurements in the brain.

Dr. Venton travels to Virginia Tech to do another gas chromatography workshop with Harold McNair, sponsored by Shimadzu.    
Ashley Ross' paper on mechanically-stimulated adenosine release is accepted to Journal of Neurochemistry.  Michael Nguyen and Eve Privman are co-authors.  Congratulations.

Five members of the lab and Dr. Venton go to Pittcon in Chicago.   Ashley Ross, Michael Nguyen, Maddie Denno and Alex Zestos all gave oral presentations on their work.

Dr. Venton visits Biogen in Boston to discuss our Drosophila work. 

Michael Nguyen's paper, Characterization of Spontaneous, Transient Adenosine Release in the Caudate-Putamen and Prefrontal Cortex, was accepted to PLOS ONE.

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