Spring 2011

Printable schedule

January 31: Allan C. Stam, University of Michigan

“Methodologies for Measuring Violence and Mass Killing”

January 31: Allan C. Stam, University of Michigan

“What Really Happened in Rwanda?”

   *Special public lecture: 7:30-9:00pm in Nau 101.

February 14: Jessica L. Weeks, Cornell University

“The Democratic Peace: An Experimental Approach”

February 21: Charles A. Kupchan, Georgetown University

“The Rise of the Rest: Alternatives to the Western Way”

March 14: Andrew H. Kydd, University of Wisconsin

“Third Party Intervention to Prevent Atrocities”

March 21: Jonathan D. Caverley, Northwestern University

“Israeli Public Opinion, Civil-Military Relations, and the Second Lebanon War”

March 28: Daryl G. Press, Dartmouth College, and Keir A. Lieber, Georgetown University

“How Much is Enough? Testing Theories of Nuclear Deterrence”

April 4: Sarah E. Croco, University of Maryland

“Peace at What Price?”

April 18: Charles L. Glaser, George Washington University

“Will China's Rise Lead to War?”

April 25: Vipin Narang, MIT

“Regional Power Nuclear Postures and International Conflict”

   *Note special time: 10:00-11:20am.

May 2: Peter D. Feaver, Duke University

“Civil-Military Relations and the Iraq/Afghanistan Surge Decisions”